Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Unpseakable in Pursuit of the Unaccountable

In a piece on the FrontPage site positing a correlation between the cults of L. Ron Hubbard and B. Hussein Obama, Bruce Thornton says
We’ll soon see if Hillary Clinton is afforded the same adoration and studied indifference to her lack of achievement and her personal scandals.
I think we've already seen said adoration/studied indifference in action, and it's a pretty hilarious picture. Pretty depressing, too, since the frenzied mob or reporters is chasing a corrupt political hack as if she's Moptop McCartney circa A Hard Day's Night. And I think it's clear what her pursuers want to know. Not, heaven forefend, the details of her shady e-mail account or her involvement in the Benghazi disaster but all about her "Scooby" van and her menu preferences at an Iowa Chipotle. ("Tell us, Mrs. Clinton, do you prefer sour cream or guacamole with your chicken burrito?")

Update: Speaking of Scooby Doo...:

We can see
You've got 'em on the run now.
They have all come undone now...

Update: The 'everyday people' who made Hillary Clinton's burrito bowl--see, she really is for the working stiff.

Update: Miller Time: Hillary Clinton hysteria

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