Thursday, May 7, 2015

Omar Khadr Lawyer Dennis Edney's Radical "Racism" Rationale

Our "homey" Omey's getting out of the slammer thanks to the machinations of his attorney, Dennis Edney. Following the Alberta judge's ruling in his client's favour, Edney had a lot to say to media, including this astonishing statement "accounting" for the many years young Omar spent imprisoned in Gitmo:
“That is a question that gets asked in Guantanamo. I was asked in Guantanamo a number of times, ‘Why is Canada not doing something for this young man? You would have to ask Mr. Harper. My view is very clear, Mr. Harpers is a bigot. Mr. Harper doesn’t like Muslims. I once said publicly to Mr. Harper, ‘When you put your children to bed, ask yourself if you would like your children abused like Omar Khadr?’ I followed that child to a grown man. I keep saying the mantra, perhaps this is also political. He wants to show he is tough on crime and who does he pick on? A 15-year-old boy who was picked up and put in the hell hole of Guantanamo.”
A 15 (almost 16)-year-old boy. Who grew up in the bosom of a family which pledged allegiance to Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda. Who, through pure happenstance, was born in Canada, but who, until repatriation, never lived here. Who was indoctrinated with his Papa's poison such that he took part with his older brothers in a pitched battle with American forces in Afghanistan, shooting to death an American combat medic, SFC Christopher Speer.
How's this for a mantra, Dennis? I'm saving my sympathy for Christopher Speer's fatherless children, not for your client, a man-child of jihad.