Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Media's Odd Double Standard Re Offing Jihadis

I'm confused. When one of Barack Obama's drones picks off an awful jihadi, the media either ignores or praises it. But when two holy warriors are picked off at a free speech event in Texas, certain media types, the New York Daily News's Linda Stassi for instance, have a hissy fit:
Looks like Pamela Geller will get her wish: More dead Americans at the hands of radical Muslims. Hell, the hatemonger finally even got ISIS to pay attention to her. 
Last week Geller — whose repulsive anti-Muslim ad campaign caused the MTA to ban all religious, opinion and political ads — held a $10,000 contest in Texas. The aim? To draw caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad, which she knows is forbidden by most Muslims and frowned upon by the rest. 
The result? Two violent radical Muslims opened fire on the group, and the shooters ended up dead at the hands of the police. Yesterday ISIS claimed credit and vowed to kill more Americans.
I say two dead shooters/jihadis are a good thing--wherever they happen to bite it. As for ISIS, it would have continued to try to kill as many infidels as possible whether or not that Texas fracas had happened.

Update: Jihadi firebrand Anjem Choudary re the "blasphemous" Geller--behead the wench!

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