Sunday, October 11, 2015

Canadians of a Certain Political Stripe Want to Build a Wall to Keep Out the Riff-Raff

No, not Syrian "refugees" who hate Israel and align themselves with jihadists: as far as Canadian squishes are concerned, we can't resettle fleeing Syrians quickly enough, and don't you dare be bothering 'em with any questions re their loyalties and animuses. Inspired by the suggestion of now ex-presidential candidate Scott Walker that a wall be built on what is currently the world's longest undefended border, some Canadians want to construct a barrier to keep out scary, gun-toting Americans:
"Yes, Canadians,” journalist Josh Freed wrote in a column for the Montreal Gazette. “We must build a wall between the U.S. and us — and the time is now.”
Imagine the flood of political refugees, he told readers, in the case of a Donald Trump victory in the U.S. presidential election, “millions of shocked American Democrats and other Trump-dodgers fleeing across our Canadian border, seeking political refugee status here in the land of the free(ze).” 
A Globe and Mail editorial expressed support for construction of the Great Wall of Canada. “Walls have demonstrated their usefulness throughout history, from the Ming dynasty to Game of Thrones,” it said. 
“It’s time to build a wall – the higher the better.” 
The editorial predicted that construction would be the ultimate stimulus project for the struggling Canadian economy and coming up with a barrier that could cross through the Great Lakes and the Rockies could inspire a wave of technological innovation. 
Other Canadians offered design advice. “Think floral,” Heather Mallick wrote in the Toronto Star. Freed suggested bulletproof glass. 
There’s a lot about guns in these letters and columns. Susan Sacks of suburban Toronto wrote in a letter to the Toronto Star, “If a wall will keep American guns and other American bad habits out of Canada, I’m all for it.”...
If there is anyone smugger and dumber than a Canadian lefty, I have yet to encounter such a creature.

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