Sunday, October 4, 2015

Dhimmitude In Action: The Feds Make Sure to Euphemize "Jihad" When Dialoguing With Easily-Offended Muslims

As of this past April, Canada's security establishment has met with around 500 young Muslims in groups of 100 at a time. And, all in all, it's been mighty friendly, not the least because that provocative "j" word has been banished/censored/kept under wraps:
Gurski says one of the most important things about working with Muslim communities is avoiding the word “jihad.” 
“Rather than using terminology that’s bound to offend — and we’re probably going to get wrong anyway — why don’t we use terminology that we can all agree on?” 
Gurski says his former colleagues prefer terms like “al-Qaida-inspired radicalization” and “violent extremism.” He says government employees are motivated by logistics, not political correctness. 
“You’re not mislabelling it; they’re calling it for what it is. You’re simply using terminology that’s not going to get you behind the 8-ball after the first few sentences when you get there.”...
I dunno. "Al-Qaida-inspired radicalization" and "violent extremism" could also land you behind the 8-ball.

To be super-safe, I suggest the security wonks employ something with even less potential to offend--"expressions of hostility fueled by an unknown/unidentified source" or "violent acts committed by Muslims that are completely unrelated to Islam," say.

Also, I would ix-nay any mention of those 72 irgins-vay (along with any use of offensive Pig Latin).

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