Tuesday, October 6, 2015

If Justin Trudeau Becomes Master of the House (of Commons) We'll All Be Les Miserables

The hug-deprived Mama's boy sings:

Master of the House
Doling out the loot
Ready with the speeches
And I'm cute, to boot
Obama of the North
Lefty as can be
Be-lov-├Ęd of the young'uns and the CBC
Glad to tell you who's in favour:
"Victim" groups atop the list
Victory I now will savour
(My savoir faire's hard to resist!)

Master of the House
Please do not despair
Hopey-dopey-soapy change is in the air
Generous as heck
Nice as nice can be
Handing out the bucks that don't belong to me
Everybody loves a winner
Everybody loves Trudeau!
I hope Mama is pleased
But, geez Louise,
There's lots that I don't know...

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