Sunday, October 4, 2015

Mahmoud of La Mancha Sings His Showstopper

The man with the lavender tie and the quixotic quest to redraw the map sans a viable Israel sings his heart out:

To dream the impossible dream.
To whup the unwhupable foe.
To rid that unriddable Jewry.
To rant with intense bra-va-do.
To o'en the uno'enable doors.
To win the unwinnable wars.
This is my quest: to launch "Palestine."
No matter how hopeless, the cause is divine.
To fight for our "rights" even though it's jihad.
To persuade the whole world it's the Jews who are bad.
And I know if I'll only hang tough and not waver or turn
That I'll get everything that I want and have money to burn.
And the world will applaud what I do
And throw Jews 'neath the bus one more time
To seethe and create Palestine!

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