Thursday, October 8, 2015

Omar Khadr's Lawyer Dennis Edney Has a Warning For Canadian Muslims: Be Vewy, Vewy Afwaid

Er, sorry, I think I got him confused with another fear-monger.

What attorney Edney really said (to a reporter for an Ontario university newspaper) was this:
I see a country far more divisive than I have ever seen in the 29 years I have been here. I’m scared. If I was a Muslim, I would be very scared. We’re doing the same politics of fear that Hitler used against the Jews, that Bush used in the war on terror.
Hitler didn't use "a politics of fear." He whipped up out-and-out hatred against Jewry--and stole every one of their civil rights from them--because of his own loony idea that the Jews were a bacteria which posed an existential threat to humanity, and he was just the man to kill 'em all and save mankind.

But, yeah, I can sort of see how you could mix that up with a request that a chick remove her sharia face mask while reciting the Canadian citizenship oath.

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