Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Canadian Election As Seen by Russian Gov't News Source Sputnik

Usually the Ruskies manage to ignore us Canucks, but the anti-Putin rhetoric of our three political party leaders seems to have tickled Sputnik's antenna:
Sputnik wrote a long piece looking at the three-way debate on Canada's foreign policy held on Sept. 29, where all three party leaders vowed to keep up the pressure on the Kremlin. 
"It doesn't seem that the icy relationship between the two northern neighbors will thaw any time soon, regardless of who wins the parliamentary elections next month," Sputnik's coverage of the debate concludes. 
The story picks up on the fact that when Justin Trudeau, leader of the centrist Liberal Party — and scion of former prime minister Pierre-Elliott Trudeau — answered a question about sitting face-to-face with the Russian president, the audience broke out in laughter...
The laughter erupted because everyone knew that young Justin facing off with Putin would look something like this.

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