Thursday, October 1, 2015

The EU's "Compassionate"/Suicidal Syrian Refugee Policy Vis-a-Vis Canada, Jews and "None Is Too Many"

Here's the EU policy--in a nutshell:
If back home in Syria you're being brutalized or butchered by Islamic militias or dictator Hafez al-Assad's forces, tough luck. But if you can shell out a small fortune to human traffickers, make your way across large stretches of land or sea while crossing several international borders, and finagle your way into a Eurozone country by scaling razor-wire fences in Eastern Europe or storming sandy beaches in Greece, then we welcome you. Oh, and you don't even have to be from Syria -- it's okay if you just pretend to be.
And, whaddya know?, same goes for Canada, too (because multiculturalism's a going concern and because no one wants to reprise "None is too many").

But let's examine that "None is too many" trope for a moment. Does it really apply here? When the deathless line erupted from the mouth of a senior Canadian immigration official, a big time Jew-hater, all those years ago, there was no Israel for Jews to go to, and six million Jews had been murdered in what amounted to a pan-European genocide project. And, oh yeah, the Jews posed no threat whatsoever to any lands that allowed them entry.

In our time, there are dozens of Arab and Muslim countries which could open their doors to their Muslim brothers (more than a few of whom are likely to be hot for violent jihad), but which would prefer instead that they flood into Dar al Harb, those portions of the world not yet conquered for Allah.

And were you to ask the leaders of these 57 Muslim nations (who have joined together in an alliance known as the Organization of Islamic Cooperation--yes, cooperation!) how many countries should be left out of Dar al Islam, Allah's domain, you know that, were they being truthful, their response would echo that Canadian Jew-hater's infamous line. And the line would most certainly be uttered again were you to ask, "How many Jewish states should there be?"

That being so, how stupid are we for helping make their Islam uber alles dreams come true?

Update: Why I Walked Out on the Bonds Speech at My Shul (hat tip: KS).

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