Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Et Tu, Tory?

Sue-Ann Levy blasts Toronto Mayor John Tory for his pusillanimous response (or non-response, rather) to Black Lives Matter's bullying Pride parade antics:
Tory remained mum when I tried to reach him over two days in June to comment on whether BLM really deserved to get City Hall’s William P. Hubbard Award for (good) Race Relations — one of five yearly Access, Equity and Human Rights awards given to leftist activists. 
He not only refused to respond for a June 24 column but approval of the award was rammed through quietly and quickly at the June 28 executive committee meeting. 
The very day my column appeared, Tory also said nothing when BLM rudely interrupted the unveiling of a police mural in the Gay Village. 
It’s little wonder BLM felt emboldened to do what they did at the parade. 
I think we all need to send our mayor a strong message: Pandering to political correctness is not leadership. Speaking out about those who take advantage of the city’s goodwill, is.
My hunch is that Tory's staying mute because he doesn't want to become a target of BLM abuse.

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