Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Only Good Thing To Come Out of BDS--The End of a Misguided Moral Equivalence and the "Two State Solution" Narrative

Liel Leibovitch makes an excellent point here (my bolds):
...The great virtue of the BDS position is that it replaces contradictions with clarity: Zionism is occupation, always and forever, plain and simple.
It is worth considering whether the leaders of the BDS movement have stumbled on something profound about the conflict, a premise that people in the West who oppose the elimination of the State of Israel might also want to consider. Maybe it isn’t true that both sides are right. Maybe the easy nostrum that both national movements have justice on their side and that both sides do bad things is a false appeal to complexity of the kind that comforts people who would really rather not deal with hard real-world questions of right versus wrong. Maybe the failure of decades of painstaking but fruitless efforts by the most sophisticated diplomats and map-makers and negotiators on the planet, backed by unending rivers of cash, is telling us something important: that there isn’t room for two full-fledged national movements in the same tiny sliver of land, even if, in a perfect world, it would be better if there was. What if what you see on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is what you get?..
"What if"?

The truth is there's no "what if?"  

There's only an "Is a two state solution impossible/chimerical/delusional/fantastical? You betcha, buster!"

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