Monday, September 5, 2016

How "Quintessentially" Clueless Is Obama's "Homeland Security"?

It's so clueless that Obama factotum Jeh (pronounced "Jay"; does not rhyme with "meh") Johnson saw nothing untoward about groveling before addressing an American Muslim Brotherhood-connected organization. And, even more outrageous, he told these unapologetic Islamists, who are inspired by the supremacist teachings of Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna, that their "story" is "quintessentially American."

No it isn't, Jeh. Not unless being "quintessentially American" is rejecting such quintessential American values as liberty and equality and embracing the quintessential sharia values of inequality and totalitarianism.

But then, when it comes to the likes of the MuBros, the administration Johnson serves is quintessentially--and even unabashedly--stupid.

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