Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Today In Nothing To Do With Islam, the Trudeau Liberals Opt for the "DAESH" Bollocks

Read it and weep (my bolds):
OTTAWA - The Liberal government will no longer refer to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and will instead call the group by a different, potentially insulting name: Daesh.
Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale revealed the change in a report on terrorism released last month, saying ISIL is neither Islamic nor a state and that the report would instead use the group's Arabic acronym. 
Global Affairs Canada and the Department of National Defence also say they are both adopting Daesh to refer to the group.       
The decision continues a trend that has been sweeping through western governments.
France and the United Kingdom are among those that have adopted the term in recent years. 
But while the term has long been used by Arabic speakers and comes from the group's Arabic acronym, it can also be considered an insult, with some translations meaning to tread underfoot or crush.
 Riiight. As if that, and not the claim that ISIL is in no way Islamic, is the far graver insult.

Update: Wee Justin and his ignorant minions need to read this.

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