Sunday, October 16, 2016

"I Come From the Peace-Loving American People to the Peace-Loving Syrian People"

Back in 2005, long before there were Syrian refugees, KKK kook David Duke visited the country and delivered an unhinged and unintentionally hilarious speech that was broadcast live on Syrian TV.

Because that's the kind of place pre-civil war Syria was.

Don't worry, though. I'm sure all the refugees left their Jew-hate behind when they fled.

Update: The children I met in Syria...they were educated to hate Jews

Update: "The Holocaust is Justified": What Syrian Refugees Learn in School

Update: "Syrian textbooks actually teach that Jews were responsible for the Holocaust, that the Nazis persecuted them because 'of their control and monopoly over currency exchange, banks and commercial financing, their treason toward their homeland, Germany.'" 

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