Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Dear Sec'y of State Kerry: Your Side Lost. Time to Come Home

In case you've been wondering what John Kerry has been up to lately, he's been abroad. And for some cockamamie reason (likely related to what just the other day was known as Barack Obama's "legacy"), he's been trying to persuade infidel investors to do business with Ayatollahville:

Elliott Abrams writes it up here:
Despite the innumerable ways in which Iran has demonstrated bad faith—from its continuing support for terrorist groups to its detention of American sailors in January to its arming of the Houthi rebels in Yemen with missiles with which they have attacked American ships—Kerry wants us to bend over backwards to help their economy. 
It isn’t enough to remove sanctions that prevent banks from lending to Iran. Kerry has become a cheerleader now urging banks to make more loans whatever the risks. This is not in fact giving Iran the benefit of the bargain it struck, which exists in the letter of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) agreement. It is going much further. 
In fact it is going so far that Kerry is now giving banks bad advice—advice that is directly contradicted by U.S. Treasury officials.
Since one of the first things President Trump promises to do is tear up that shitty nuclear treaty, it is pointless for Kerry to continue his overseas shill-a-thon. 

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