Thursday, November 3, 2016

"Safe and Inclusive" = "Shut Up About the Jihad, 'Kay?"

Bowing to an irate "open letter" (a subject I addressed here), Ontario Education Minister Mitzie Hunter is going to look into charges that a school principal is guilty of spewing "Islamophobia" on social media. The purpose of her inquiries, says Minister Mitzie, is to ensure that schools are "safe and inclusive places." What she means by that, of course, is that there's no place for--and no way to include--anti-jihadist opinions in these safe and inclusive places. There's plenty of room, though, for those who, egged on by a series of articles in that bastion of "progressive" values, the Toronto Star, shriek "Islamophobia!" and call for a witch hunt to get rid of "Islamophobes."

I have no doubt that Mitzie is sincere in her desire for safety and inclusiveness. And I also have no doubt that she's entirely in the dark re how the sincere desire for s&i can translate into creeping sharia.

Fortunately for us, Robert Spencer, in a review of William Kirkpatrick's new book, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Jihad, is here to explain how it works (my bolds):
For even as violent jihad becomes an increasingly common feature of the Western landscape, more insidious and damaging in the long run may be the stealth jihad that proceeds due to the appeasement policies that Western governments indefatigably pursue, and the politically correct straitjacket on the public discourse that has for well over a decade now hindered, and usually prevented outright, honest discussion in the mainstream media of the nature and magnitude of this threat. Kilpatrick points out that “according to Reporters Without Borders, the U.S. has dropped to forty-sixth place in press freedom.” One of the principal ways in which the press today reveals itself to be a mouthpiece of moneyed elites is in its deliberate attempts to obfuscate the ideological roots of the jihad threat, and its ongoing campaign, every time there is a jihad attack, to inundate us with articles explaining that Islam is really quite wonderful and has nothing to do with this violence, nothing at all.
I predict that Minister Mitzie will side with the enraged, obfuscating parents and not the anti-jihadist principal, a woman who knows all about the ideological roots of the jihad threat and had the audacity to think she had the freedom to speak of it in politically correct Ontario.

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