Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Terrifying Ignorance of McGill U. Scribblers

The news that the latest form of Jew-hate incorporates an obsession with and a hatred of Israel (for being inherently and irredeemably evil, the "Jew" of nations) has apparently failed to reach the storied corridors of Montreal's McGill University. Hence, this (my bolds):
An independent student newspaper at McGill University in Canada admitted in an editorial this week to censoring pro-Israel content, on the grounds that Zionism “functions as a settler-colonial ideology that perpetuates the displacement and the oppression of the Palestinian people.” 
The editorial, which appeared in the McGill Daily on Monday, was a response to a Student Union (SSMU) Equity complaint, filed by Jews at the school, alleging that the paper is anti-Semitic. 
In its defense, the paper wrote that though it “takes allegations of antisemitism seriously, as we recognize that antisemitism is a persistent and pervasive reality of our society,” after reviewing the SSMU complaint, “we found that it largely rested on the conflation of anti-Zionism and antisemitism, which we understand to be distinct from one another.”
You understand nada, ignorant lefties. Time to go back to school (somewhere else, presumably) and learn something.

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