Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Reason for Trudeau's Deafening Silence Re the UN's Latest Anti-Israel Resolution

The reason was revealed by Tory MP Peter Kent in a blistering attack on our ninny PM's muteness:
“Every action the Liberals have taken to date in terms of their foreign policy has been towards one goal and one goal only: securing a seat on the United Nations Security Council,” charged Kent, adding, “Standing up for Canada’s national interests, and the interests of our allies, has come second to the Liberal Party goal of appeasing the UN. The silence from the Liberal government on this anti-Israeli resolution is shameful, but it is not surprising.  
“Conservatives will never sacrifice principle for a go along to get along approach. The fact is Israel is a democratic, pluralistic, peaceful and scientifically advanced country. People from all faiths and walks of life contribute to Israeli governance and civil society. With this resolution, the United Nations Security Council has needlessly damaged the peace process,” he wrote.
“The deafening silence on this resolution from Canada’s Liberal government, and especially from Foreign Affairs Minister Stephane Dion, has once again shown that Liberals put their political goals ahead of standing up for Canada’s allies and our national interest,” concluded Kent.
Exactamundo, Mr. K.

Update: Australia's and Britian's PMs speak up even as wee Justin holds his tongue.

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