Sunday, January 1, 2017

Whatever Would the UN DO Without "The Palestinians"?

As Jonah Goldberg points out, that country club for dictators, despots and desperados could likely not survive but for the perpetually ginned-up Palestinian "crisis":
It needs to be remembered that the U.N. hates Israel because it is in the political interests of member states, particularly Arab states, which use Palestinians as a distraction from their own despotisms, to hate Israel. Think of all the horrors and crimes committed by evil governments around the world. Now think about the fact that from 2006 to 2015 alone the U.N. has condemned Israel 62 times. All of the other nations combined have received 55 condemnations. Iran? Five. The genocidal Sudanese? Zero. Anarchic Somalia? Zero. Saudi Arabia? Zero. Pakistan? Zero. China? Zero. Russia? Zero.
The U.N., more than any other player save the Palestinian leadership itself, is responsible for the horrible plight of the Palestinians because it is in its institutional interest to keep the issue alive. After World War II, there were untold millions of refugees all around the world; they all found homes and settled down — except for the Palestinians.
The most telling number, I think, is this one: Syria, where a government-sponsored genocide has been successfully unfolding for years now, is, at a mere 17 condemnations, a distant also-ran to Israel.

Thus has Israelhass, the latest iteration of the longest hatred, pretty much trashed the joint. Time to pack it up and start over, sans the despotic haters, no?

Update: Defund the UN!

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