Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bloody Hell

In the grand, insane tradition of the Motoons frenzy and "Down with Beauty" comes...The Menstruating Ghost? From AFP:
JAKARTA - Indonesian film producers said Friday they had withdrawn a horror-comedy movie about a menstruating ghost from cinemas due to threats from hardline Muslims.
"We did this because the reaction to the film is outrageous. The situation is still tense," K2K production house manager Evelin Hutagaol told AFP.

"Hantu Puncak Datang Bulan" (The Menstruating Ghost of Puncak) was screened to a selected audience in Jakarta earlier this week and was due for general release on Thursday.

The producers said they made significant cuts to the film before it was approved by the mainly Muslim country's censorship board, including most of the sex scenes.

But uncensored clips on YouTube have caught the attention of Muslim clerics and radical youth groups, who appear not to understand that the edited version is different.

Habib Salim Alattas of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), a Muslim vigilante group which has ordered its members to attack cinemas showing the film, admitted he had only seen clips on the Internet.

"We don't want the movie to be viewed by Indonesians because it contains illicit and pornographic scenes," the FPI chairman said.

"If theatres are still screening the film, then the FPI will raid those theatres. The film damages our morals. Do we want our country to be made stupid by watching this film?"...
Yes, that would be terrible. Far better to be stupid for other reasons.

Update: Wow. The trailer does look kind of racy--but the blood looks really fake.

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