Wednesday, February 10, 2010

English as a Second England?

Don't laugh. It could very well be on the horizon following the British government's stupendously idiotic decision to teach the language of Islam's founder to British school kids. A dhimmified, self-loathing Brit writes on Islam Online that
The English do not exactly have the best reputation as far as learning foreign languages goes, particularly since they were taken off the syllabus by the government as a compulsory GCSE in 2004. I have often cringed in cafes when I'm abroad as the archetypal, sunburnt Brit orders in English, and then shouts louder when the waitress misunderstands.

It is heartening; therefore, that the British government has just announced it — the government wants to make Arabic lessons available to primary and secondary school pupils in England from 2011, in addition to the more mainstream Spanish, French, and German.

In a report by the Department for Children, Schools and Families, Secretary Rt Hon Ed Balls, said it is becoming increasingly important that children develop the skills to communicate with countries with which Britain has "very important business contacts." Balls stated that no less than seven million pounds has been invested into training 5,000 language specialist teachers in primary schools to encourage interest in language from an early age. Has it really taken England until 2010 to realize that this is a good idea?

Alongside the government's attempt to build ties with emerging economies, this is an important platform on which to build bridges with the Middle East, and people in England should seize this as an opportunity to develop greater understanding of this culture's nuances. Offering Arabic to children as young as seven is an ideal time for pupils to learn and develop an interest in the Middle East and different ways of living — an age where pupils are particularly open to new ideas...
And as the sun swiftly sets on what once was the spark plug of Western civilization, it rises on a brand new Islamo-British entity: Britainnistan.

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