Sunday, February 14, 2010

Extry! Extry! Elmo Says Sharia, Secular Law 'Wholly Compatible'

"Human rights" activist and Canadian Charger Dr. Mohamed Elmasry is certain there's nothing in sharia, Islam's all-encompassing Allah-law, that precludes it from meshing with our "secular" law. Elmo, who is famous for opining that all Israeli adults are fair game for 'sploding shahids and for hiding behind several bright-eyed, telegenic young sock-puppets in his bid to banish "Islamophobia" at Maclean's--sees no problemo with allowing sharia and Western law to co-mingle in our great dominion--provided, of course, sharia is given its due (my bolds):
...All Muslim scholars agree that Islam does not advocate theocracy, a state governed directly by God or his representative. On the contrary, Islam does not give any person or institution, government or church, the right to claim to be the representative of God.
A secular political system, designed by people to govern themselves, is wholly compatible with Islamic democracy, provided that it is based on Islamic universal values of justice, freedom, equality and social justice.

The Prophet of Islam was a bearer of a divine law that until his death. It was up to Muslim jurists of the day to interpret that law in the context of a political system.
Got that? Secular law and sharia are compatible--so long as the former gives way to the latter. As for jurists interpreting the law, it appears it will be up to Canadian jurists to give Section 13, the sharia-like censorship component of Canadian "human rights" statutes, the old heave-ho. Further, it is up to Canadians in general (who, alas, have drunk long and deeply of the befuddling multiculti codswallop) to see Elmo's words for what they are: clear evidence of his belief in the Islamic universal value of Islamic supremacism, a belief that is wholly incompatible with--and poses a direct threat to--secular Western law.

That said, it's refreshing to see that Elmo, relieved of his Canadian Islamic Congress responsibilites, no longer feels the need to beat around the Gharkad bush re his hopes and dreams for Canada's future.


Blazing Cat Fur said...

Under his tenure the CIC advocated for Sharia tribunals in Ontario. Elmo is just one of the dumber Jihadi 5th columnists.

Big Red Magnum said...

There is nothing about Islam that is compatible with western anything.
Islam should never have been allowed to step foot in north America, the tenets of their faith are the same as the doctrine of Nazis, we don't allow Nazis so why do we allow Islam?.
The whole freakin planet is in denial as too what Islam is.

scaramouche said...

Hey, BRM--are you trying to get me hauled before the thought cops? Please knock it off with the Nazi stuff, 'kay?

truepeers said...

Liberal democracy only works when every person is born a representative of/partner of God.

kursk said...

..and that's how they win , can complain, but don't go too far or you feel cowed by those "sock puppets' who will interfere with your life.