Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hooligans, Utopians, Anarchists and Other Assorted Anti-Capitalism Malcontents Run Riot in Van

"Protesters" are so upset about, ahem, poverty that they've smashed all the windows of the Vancouver Hudson's Bay Company (the company responsible for creating Canada's Olympic team apparel).

Update: Wonder if they brought along their "remarkable 25-foot articulated fabric salmon" (something no "anti-poverty" protest should be without).

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Jim R said...

Most see the Olympics as a long tradition, very long, as an opportunity for athletes to compete with each other, displaying their effort, hard work, and accomplishments.

Clearly, others see it as an opportunity to display their support for those who lack competitiveness, effort, hard work and accomplishment.

In other words, uncompetitive losers identifying and supporting other losers, while trying to get something for nothing. In this case, attention at the expense of hardworking and accomplished young athlete winners.