Monday, February 15, 2010

Hysteria--With a Purpose

Roger Kimball sums up the eco-Cassandras thusly:

The implosion of the Great Global Warming Scam is front-page news everywhere except The New York Times. But, really, if you were paying attention, you always knew that climate-change hysteria was just that: hysterical. It was never about science. Nor was it (got your air-sickness bag?) about “saving the planet”? It was, on the part of sentimentalists from Al Gore down to your local “go-green” soccer mom, about moral sanctimoniousness. On the part of the politicians pushing the agenda, however, it was about exploiting that sentimentality for the very unsentimental project of enacting a massive transfer of wealth from the developed world—the parts of the world that work and produce—to the backwards part of the world—the still semi-savage redoubts that complain instead of working and that take instead of giving. That was what the circus at Copenhagen was really about. Thank God it was exposed, or at least half-exposed, in time.

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