Monday, February 8, 2010

It Takes a Global Village of Clueless Idiots (That Includes You, Mrs. Clinton) to Ignore Islamic Misogyny

Contentions' Jennifer Rubin wonders why the woman who almost cracked the world's highest glass ceiling and other Foggy Bottom dwellers freak out when Israel does something constructive--like build housing--but turn a blind eye to destructive events in Dar al-Islam--for instance, the brutal "honour killing" of a young woman in Turkey:
...Why is it, then, that the wrath of the State Department (not to mention the “international community” housed at the UN) is reserved for apartment-building in Jerusalem when it comes to the Middle East? One would think that the monstrous brutality against women in Turkey and elsewhere would raise concern or draw comment from Clinton or Obama. But no. Like those stolen from their beds in the night in Tehran, the girls of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and the rest are on their own.

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