Thursday, February 4, 2010

Proud About the Shroud

An Algerian chick tells CNN that she's thrilled to wear an all-encompassing black tarp (that turns her into a blank, a nullity, a void) and that wearing it is entirely her choice:
I wear the burqa for the simple reason that I am a Muslim and the Koran says that I must wear the full veil in order to be modest.
I am proud of my Muslim faith and my modesty. I am proud to follow God's law.
Nobody ever forced me to wear the full veil and I have been wearing it for around 10 years now.

In fact, very few of my friends actually wear one. There are, of course, situations in which some men force their wives or daughters to wear the burqa but, believe me, these cases are a very, very small minority.
For those of us who are believers, we just want to do God's will and live by the sacred text, so what any man says has nothing to do with that.

I am testament to that as I don't have a husband and I practice my religion freely, that's why I'm always shocked when people say it's the husband who forces his wife to wear a burqa.

It is actually the case that a lot of men in France do not wish their wives to wear the full veil because when they go out, they are insulted or attacked and their husbands don't want them to be put in that situation...
Got that? In France, Muslim chicks get "attacked" if they wear a burka, not if don't. (Really? I'd like to see the stats on that.) She is woman, hear her roar--about how wonderful it is to submit to an inherently inequitable and repressive religio/legal system. Behold what passes for "feminism" under sharia.

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Yael said...

Meanwhile, anti-Semitic acts in France soared 75 percent last year.