Monday, February 8, 2010

They Tried to Make Mullah Omar Go to Rehab/He Said, "Bite Me, Infidels"

Everyone is really, really tired of the war of "perceptions" (Gen. McChrystal's characterization) being waged in Afghanistan, so lots of war-weary infidels are saying it's high time to wrap up the sucker. And the only way to that, reports Reuters, is to "negotiate" with some of less "extreme" jihadis and find a way to bring them on board. Ideally,  Mullah Omar, the Taliban's mean-as-a-snake leader, would be "rehabilited" so he, too, could be included.

Something tells me Mullah Omar may have some other plans for his immediate future, ones which don't leave much time for deprogramming and fingerpainting.

Just a wild hunch, mind you.

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