Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Viva Berlusconi!

Okay, I think I'll book that trip to Tuscany. From the Jerusalem Post:

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi lashed out at the Goldstone report on Wednesday during a special session at the Knesset, saying that the report tried to "incriminate Israel for its legitimate response" to Palestinian terrorists' rocket attacks.

The Italian leader also had strong words to say against Iran, arguing that the world "cannot accept" a nuclear-armed Iran and defended the Jewish state's much-criticized war against Hamas in Gaza last year.

Berlusconi expressed hope that Israel and the Palestinians would soon resume peace talks.

From the podium of the Knesset, Berlusconi called on the international community to pursue stronger sanctions against Teheran, which Italy, like Israel and the West, suspects is developing nuclear weapons.

"We cannot accept the nuclearization of a country whose leaders have explicitly expressed their desire to destroy Israel, have denied the Holocaust and delegitimized the Jewish state," Berlusconi said, in remarks translated into Hebrew simultaneously.
"We cannot make compromises," he said. "The path that must be taken is multilateral oversight, negotiations and sanctions" against Iran.

Berlusconi has repeatedly criticized the Islamic Republic during his three-day visit to Israel. On Tuesday, he announced that Italy had cut business ties with Iran by a third since 2007, noting that Italian energy giant ENI has decided not to extend an existing contract to develop an important oil field in Iran.

Berlusconi's speech before lawmakers, an honor bestowed on few world leaders, was a sign of the friendship between the two nations that has grown much closer under his stewardship...
Update: This one's for you, Silvio:

When the sh*t hits the fan
About nukes in Iran--
When the Goldstone Report
Draws a stinging retort--

Lights go on, tippy tippy ton,
Tippy tippy ton,
And we’ll say, “Mama mia!”
Hits the spot, tippy tippy tot,
Tippy tippy tot,
Like a great pizzeria.
When a leader lauds Jews
It’s incredible news--
When he spits in the eyes of the UN's bad guys
We’re in love.
When we’re thrilled to the core
And can’t wait to hear more, mi signore,
‘Scuza me but you see
He’s from old Italy--

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