Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Zionhass at York U

Toronto's very own Gaza U, where officials are craven dhimmis and Jewish students recently endured another onslaught of violent Zionhass (all for the sake of promoting an "intellectual discourse" and "free expression," of course), gets a thorough grilling in Human Events.

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admin said...

Scaraamouch, the "attack" at York turns out to have been a hoax. Security video shows it never happened. See this article from Shalom Life: http://www.shalomlife.com/eng/5021/York_University_is_a_Safe_Place_for_Students/

"The video was taken using the closed circuit cameras which are installed on campus, and although there is no audio as the camera is placed in a high traffic area, it clearly shows the events which took place between 4pm and 5pm on Monday, February 1, the day in question. The table which was set up by the Hasbara group at York is visible, and no more than about 15 to 30 people are seen around the table at any given time. At one point, it can be seen that an argument may have taken place; however, at no point during the video is there any evidence of a brawl, nor can a shouting match be evident from the students’ body language. At several points cameras are being used by the students, and at one point a female student who obviously does not take well to being on camera tries to reach for the camera, but the male student holding it lifts it up so it is out of her reach. No evidence of students being physically assaulted can be found during the video. York’s security officers are seen towards the end of the video taking statements from students who were on scene."