Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bernie Figures It Out--Sort Of

Canadian Jewish News scribbler Paul Lungen sheds further light on the "hate" incidents involving the two newbie "victim groups," the Nazis and the shikses.

The shiske one

occurred within the Jewish community when the neighbour of a Jewish man who was dating a non-Jewish woman, disapproving of the relationship, escalated a verbal attack against the woman by smashing a window.
The Nazi one, a crime of "mischief," was "based on police interpretation of Section 718 of the Criminal Code"--the section that allows for harsher punishments for "hate crimes"; apparently, police interpeted the phrase "similar factors" (whatever that means) to be broad enough to include Nazis who, after all, are an identifiable group united by a common ideology. According to Acting Inspector Steve Irwin, who

defended the inclusion of the unorthodox categories,similar attacks against mainstream political parties, such as Liberal or Conservatives, would warrant the same inclusion.
Oh, great. So now the "victim tent" is capacious enough to cover both Tories and Grits? Doesn't that make the whole "victim" thing seem kind of, you know, preposterous?

Why yes, yes it does, as even Bernie Farber, champion of the Original Six victim groups (you know, the ones who were around back when the NHL was really something--or maybe I'm getting confused...) is forced to concede. What with new victim groups cropping up with gay abandon (or, to be au courant, LGBTT etc. abandon), if this keeps up, the whole nutty apparatus might collapse under its own unsustainable weight. Remarks the sagacious Ceej chief

it's absurd to include Nazis among protected groups. "It makes the law look silly. It makes anti-hate laws' sentencing provisions ridiculous. That's why no court in this land or other police force we know of makes this distinction."
Well, you're at least half right, Bernie. It does make the law look silly. But the reason other jurisdictions haven't picked up on the latest fashion is that they're somewhat behind us, and have some catching up to do. And why is that? It's because we here in Ontario are "blessed" to have Barbara Hall as our head "human rights" Commissar, and she's a woman who has resolved to not wait around for "victims" to come to her, but to go out into the community and hunt them down herself. The move seems to be paying off spectacularly, as Babs and the gang now have so many "victims" beating a path to their door that they pretty much have to beat 'em off with a stick (speaking metaphorically, of course). It is thus clear that, when it comes to "victim group" categorization, our province is well ahead of the curve.

Update: In honour of Toronto's newbie victim groups, I think it's high time to revive--and revise--Tom Lehrer's "National Brotherhood Week":

Oh, the Nazis hate the shiskses,
And the shikses hate the Nazis,
And the cops hate catchin' flak, see?
And everybody hates the Jews...

Update: Michael Coren, on the horns of a shiksa dilemma (h/t BCF): Ouch! The most amusing/disturbing part of it--Wafa Sultan-basher Tarek Fatah thinks such terminology is unconscionably hateful.  But in the Forbes Top 10 of Hatefulness, would you say it comes before or after "kafir," Tarek?


Blazing Cat Fur said...

Shiksational! That makes Shiksa a lock to stay in.

scaramouche said...

So if I read you right, you're in favour of victim team expansion, right? (Oh, wait--I think I'm getting confused again.)

scaramouche said...

"It's Victim Night in Canada (duh duh duh duh duh, duh duh duh duh duh...)"

Blazing Cat Fur said...

Yup I want in on the cash bonanza!

scaramouche said...

You'll have to get in line (and it's a very LOOOONG line).

Blazing Cat Fur said...

Actually were gonna name the CJC as a respondent in our hate crime complaint/class action suit they have actively campaigned to cover up Shiksanacht by seeking to have it removed from the "victim group" list when in fact an act of violence occured. This means they are guilty of actively promoting hatred against an identifiable group.

scaramouche said...

Actually, you might have to get in line for that, too.