Sunday, May 16, 2010

The (Dhimmi) Song of Norway

It is most appropriate that one of the most Jew-hating/dhimmified nations in Europe has given the go-ahead for construction of a state-funded Islamic primary school. Even so, the decision isn't sitting well with all:
[Progress Party (FrP) MP for Oslo] Tybring-Gjedde challenges the school’s principles of education. Tuition is based purely on the Koran and the authentic teachings of Mohammed. Schoolchildren will also learn about Islamic human rights.
“Instruction in the authentic teachings of Mohammed doesn’t contribute to reflection and debate, which characterises our society. And what do they mean by human rights in Islam? The only human rights we relate to are the universal, emphasising freedom of expression, religion, as well as equality. They’re non-negotiable,” says Tybring-Gjedde.

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