Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Drill

Initial reports remarking that the motive for failed or successful terror attack is "unknown": check. Characterization of explosive device as "crude"/"amateurish": check. Labeling of would-be/successful attacker as a "lone wolf" and attack as a "one-of": check. Obligatory quote from shocked/dumbfounded /gobsmacked neighbour/family member: check:
A woman who said she had lived next door to Shahzad in Shelton, Connecticut, told CNN on Tuesday that the man she knew didn't say much and claimed to work on Wall Street in New York.
"He was quiet. He would wear all black and jog at night. He said he didn't like the sunlight," Brenda Thurman said.

She said Shahzad, his wife and two children and his wife's two sisters lived next to her for about three years, moving out in July 2009. People whom she believes were plainclothes law enforcement officers appeared to be staking out the house Monday, Thurman told CNN affiliate WTNH-TV.

The neighbor said she often saw Shahzad leaving the home in the morning and returning in the evening. She also saw him in his yard with his children, a boy and a girl, and the family usually wore traditional Muslim attire, she told WTNH-TV.

She said she never suspected he might be involved in a possible terror attack.

"I didn't think he was capable of doing something like that. ... I'm very shocked," she said.
Didn't like the sunlight, eh? He sounds more vampire than wolf to me.

Update: I wonder if the "wife's two sisters" were really his two other wives.

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