Sunday, May 16, 2010

Funny, I'd Say, "West Bank's White Flag of Submission Raised by Clueless, Delusional Lefties Gives Aid and Comfort to the Enemy and Helps Bring About the 'Peace' of Islam (i.e. Death for Jewry, Israel, and Western Civilization)"

But, hey, that's just me. The Toronto Star puts it like this: West Bank’s ‘white’ intifada gives peace with Israel a chance.

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yoega said...

I applaud your reservation and tactful response. The only correct piece of information in the article is, possibly, the date of publication. To begin with, the only nonviolent part of the weekly protests at Bilin are, journalists that the Anarchists (as they label themselves) invite to the weekly demonstrations. The national guard units that deal with the ongoing protest have suffered upwards of 40 injured soldiers so far, some have been seriously wounded. I fail to see how the nonviolence and rock throwing can coexist in the same context. Dr Yaron Gil the author of this "wonderful piece of journalistic integrity" is a German based middle east expert. Reading his online CV, I can only say he epitomizes the worst of the terrible "I've been there and I know it all" Israeli traits.