Sunday, May 16, 2010

Gag Me With a Key

Unoriginally, Reuters adorns this Naqba day story about supposed hopes for "reconciliation" between the two fractious, seemingly irreconcilable groups of Palestinians (Fatah and Hamas) with a photo of locals holding aloft a giant black key. The key, of course, is far too big and fake to unlock a real door--unless it happened to be one in, say, Brobdingnag. But since that place is as fictional as the Arab claim to Israel, the object is clearly more symbolic than functional. Or, to precise, it functions as an agit-prop symbol (of Arab hatred and dementia). In which case I suggest they ditch the keys--which are getting really old, and losing their visual impact--and embrace a far more fitting (in more ways than one) symbol: a straitjacket.

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