Saturday, May 8, 2010

His Mouth Runneth Over

Even though he's been read his rights, the Times Square car bomber is said to be talking up a storm. Of course, there are still some, er, "holes" in his story--like who, exactly, helped him with the plot--and authorities aren't even sure that he's telling them the truth.

Hmm. You don't suppose that, along with Bomb-Making 101, another of his courses at the Waziristan Taliban Jihad Career College and Sharia Academy was Infidel-Duping 101 (i.e. Taqiyaah 101), do you?

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Jim R said...

I saw US's AG Holder bragging before a Senate Committee, looking at how the 'Smoke' bomber got on a flight using cash(???gawd its embarrassing...and scary), that their man who almost caused a disaster was NOT given HIS Miranda rights for a whole hour and 15 minutes.

Patently pathetic. Whose side are these nuts in the O(h!) regime on anyway?

Rhetorical question, of course.