Thursday, May 6, 2010

"Human Rights" Buttinskies of the World Unite!

It should be abundantly clear by now that the Canadian "Human Rights" Commission, being of an essentially Marxist mindset, is doing its utmost to stick it to the small busines owner. In keeping with that mandate, it has announced its newest measure for butting in to places of business and ordering them around--for their own good, of course. It's called--and I don't know what genius came up with this title, because it sounds like an AARP program--"The Maturity Model." Here's how it "works":

The first of its kind in the world, the Maturity Model will serve as a roadmap and performance measurement framework for employers, service providers, bargaining agents and employees as they transition their organizations to a self-sustaining human rights culture by fully integrating human rights in all policies, practices and processes-internally and for front-line service delivery. Aligning internal cultures with front-line service expectations can also contribute to the achievement of organizational business objectives and commitments to corporate social responsibility.

The Maturity Model provides a common language and a shared vision. It outlines steps that an organization must take if it seeks to grow, from a reactive to a proactive environment.

The tool is a step-by-step process that leads to improved levels of human rights maturity. It builds on five key elements:
•leadership and accountability;

•capacity building and resources;

•alignment of policies and processes;

•communication and consultation; and-

•evaluation for continuous improvement.

As more and more organizations choose to adopt the Maturity Model, it will contribute to defining a network of “employers of choice” for the Canadian workforce. As well, early adopters will comprise a peer network for knowledge sharing that will assist in the continuous improvement of practices
I don't know what all that gobbledygook/bafflegab is supposed to mean--if, indeed, it means anything at all. All I know is that it sounds awful--something that is bound to tie up small business owners in the worst sort of useless red tape.

It also sounds rather Stalinist to me--like an announcement of one of those 10 Year Plans of old. All that's missing is a faux-avuncular "Comrade!"


Blazing Cat Fur said...

I think I'm going to puke. These people need to be put out of business.

paul said...

... as this one worms its way in the employment act, you can be sure, tens of thousands of jobs will be lost.

Simple math. If the average cost to go to an INEVITABLE HRC Tribunal is 50K, then consider, it has to be budgeted.

So, effectively 1 manager position or 2 front line positions disappear completely. (not to mention all the other soft costs associated with implementing a (cough)Human Rights Compliant Small Business Workplace.

In my own business, as a general rule, I only hire people from Alberta or the USA. They are more committed to their work, more dedicated to doing a great job, more loyal and much more appreciative of the effort it takes to create a small business job.