Tuesday, May 11, 2010

If You're Banking on 'Luck,' Get Ready to Count Your Fatalities

Rick Trzuupik writes that "luck" as a strategy--the Obama M.O. for terrorism--is a non-starter:

There’s no better way to summarize president Obama’s approach to fighting the war against jihad than this: For the next three years, we’re betting our safety on the proposition that Islamic thugs and terrorists will prove to be more incompetent than the Obama administration. In the aftermath of the Times Square bombing attempt, is there another way to consider it? How many “isolated incidents” have to pile up before the president wakes up to the fact that there’s a pattern, one that just might have something to do with a particular fundamentalist religious outlook, and that the politically correct bunker mentality is not going to cut it?
How many? I'm pretty sure that once one or more jihadis manage to get their act together and pull another 9/11, he's bound to give it a re-think.

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