Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kipling, the Holocaust and the Great Left/Right Jewish Divide

Dennis Prager explains why left is left and right is right (and right) and never the twain shall meet (my bolds):

Jews, Right or Left, have been seared by the Holocaust. And most, if not all, believe a Holocaust could happen again — hardly an idiosyncratic belief given Iranian dictator Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's declared aim of annihilating the Jewish state.
Where liberal and conservative Jews differ is where each group thinks the greatest danger to the Jews lies. Jews on the Left are certain that the greatest threats to Jews come from the Right. Conservative and centrist Jews believe that dangers to the Jews can come from the Left, from the Right, from Islam, from a renewal of Christian anti-Semitism, indeed from anywhere, but that at this moment, the world's Left is far more an enemy of the Jewish people than the world's, not to mention America's, Right.
And that, in a nutshell, is why Offical Jews here in Canada continue to froth at the mouth over the like of Steyn and Levant. Meanwhile, and delusionally, these leftist Jews are placing all their hopes into one squishy lefty basket--mentoring Somalis; participating inTony Blair's anti-malaria initiative in aid of the UN's Millennium Project; seeking input from non-Jew Mama Mia Farrow, of all people, to help Jews come up with, yes, a Jewish response to Darfur. (The implication being that Mia-less and left to fend for ourselves we'd be lost) Are any of these well-meaning efforts doing anything to forestall the UN/IOC annihilationist agenda? Are they having any substantive impact on advancing Jewry's interests in both the bigger and smaller pictures? Optimistically: I'd have to say it's highly doubtful. Realistically: I'm sorry to say it's just plain loco.


Marky Mark said...

I have to disagree on this one. I think the point is that Zionism is completely compatible with traditional liberal principles such that Zionists on the Left should continue to engage and make the case for Zionism. When we get to the point that Toronto Star columnists are equated with "enemies of the Jewish People," we forget what an enemy of the Jewish People really looks like.

Yariv said...

Scaramouche I was beginning to accept your position that the Somali project was a bit too far left for me until after a bit of research I came across this statement:

"My model project is the Somali-Jewish mentorship project in Toronto, which we are funding. It is bringing together young Canadians of Somali origin – many of them grew up in refugee families and have faced social exclusion and had very limited opportunities – typically with professions and businesses owned by Jewish Canadians, many of whose grandparents or parents arrived here as refugees with nothing and faced discrimination and persecution as well.

I think it’s a beautiful project because it gives these young people economic opportunities, but it also helps young folks who may have heard less than flattering things about people in the Jewish community an opportunity to find out that’s not true and vice versa. It’s my aspiration to see that happen on a much broader basis."

And guess who said it?

Yup, The Honourable Jason Kenny just 2 months ago. Wow. Well if he likes it its hardly leftie mush. I like Jason and very much trust his judgment.