Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Let's Celebrate Machetes

From the Ceej site:
The Jewish Federation of Ottawa condemns the actions taken against the Muslim community. Ethnic and faith communities should be celebrated for what they add to the Ottawa community.

We sincerely hope the perpetrators will hear a very loud condemnation from all over Ottawa that racist behaviour is not reflective of the values we uphold and cherish. We have sent a letter to the Muslim community expressing our concerns and offering our support.

Mitchell Bellman,
President, Jewish Federation of Ottawa
What type of "actions" is the president so vehemently condemning? A Molotov cocktail tossed through a madrassah window? Broken windows at a Nepean mosque? Nope and nope. What happened was that some knucklehead scrawled something insulting on a sign--a sign!--notifying folks about the construction of a mosque. Not that I condone such scary graffitos of doom, but, really, the Jews' reaction to sign defacement (including their reflexive need to mention our shared "values"; funny, I've yet to come across anything on the order of "jihad is the way; sharia is the goal" in Jewish writings) seems more than a little excessive. Would that official Jewry evinced the same sort of passion when, say, mob rule crushed free speech at the U of Ottawa and/or Janjaweed-like fellows menaced Zionists outside a local bar.

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Anonymous said...

I understand your frustration Scaramouche. And here is my concern. You published Mr. Bellman's letter on your site. Now according to our friend Mark Steyn, you own Bellman's words. So now anyone can quote these words of Bellman's and attribute them to you as your position.