Monday, May 3, 2010

Method in Their "Human Rights" Malarkey

Here's the latest from the CHRC in its entirety (my bolds):
Expanding Knowledge
National Aboriginal Initiative
Commissions work together to strengthen human and treaty rights
The Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba, the Manitoba Human Rights Commission and the Canadian Human Rights Commission have forged a unique collaboration to raise awareness of human and treaty rights. This is the first time in Canada that these organizations have joined together in a spirit of collaboration to further their cause.
Dennis White Bird, Jerry Woods and David Langtry formalized their partnership during a signing ceremony that was held in Winnipeg on April 27th 2010. The agreement, or Memorandum of Understanding, commits all three Commissions to an on-going dialogue, to gather information and engage grassroots organization in a broader discussion about human and treaty rights.
This partnership will help establish a framework to promote and enhance the learning experience relative to human and treaty rights for all people living in Canada and around the world.
In other words, a lot of sound and fury, featuring the pertinent high-falutin' yet essentially content-free catch phrases and buzz words ("initiative," "raise awareness," "spirit of cooperation," "dialogue," "grassroots," "framework"/"promote"/"enhance the learning experience"), that will amount to little more than furthering expanding, strengthening, promoting and enhancing the power of the bodies involved.

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