Wednesday, May 12, 2010

No More Jestin' 'Bout Machetes

Commenter "Elliott" thinks I should knock it off with the machete stuff because that "Gatineau incident" has too many "holes" in it. No problemo, Elliott. After all, why bother with machetes when there's this (from CTV)?:
Canada's spy agency is investigating more than 200 Canadians for possible terrorist links, CSIS director Richard Fadden told MPs on Tuesday.
"They are usually second- or third-generation Canadians who are in some ways relatively well-integrated into Canada, economically and socially," he said.

Fadden said some Canadians are playing senior roles in global terrorist organizations overseas.

"I'm not suggesting they are the equivalent of Osama bin Laden, but they have acquired positions of influence and leadership," he said...
Machetes? Pshaw! What's a machete or two compared to these many, many "influential" second-and-third generation "Canadians"?

Update: Hey, Elliott. By any chance is your last name "Rudner" (a la Bernie factotum Len)?

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paul said...

...wouldn't surprise me if our little buddy Haroon was in the top ten. (being a high-ranker at the Canadian Islamic Congress, the hateful little prick that he is).