Monday, May 3, 2010

Oh, the Humiliation

The U.S., Britain and France up and bolted during A-jad's speech. Quel humilation! But not for Herr Hairy, notes this WSJ editorial (my bolds):
...The truly humiliating spectacle is the sight of the world's leading powers devoting a month to updating a treaty designed to stop nonproliferation even as Mr. Ahmadinejad makes a mockery of that effort before their very eyes.

If Iran does get a nuclear weapon, or even the capacity to make one at a moment's notice, it would be the most damaging act of proliferation since Stalin got the hydrogen bomb. The event would set off a regional nuclear arms race, as Turkey, Egypt, the Saudis and perhaps even the Gulf states seek their own nuclear deterrent. The rest of the world would see that Iran was able to face down the world's leading powers—and prevail. The damage to world order would be traumatic. And that is before the increased risks of global nuclear terrorism from Iranian proliferation.

If Mr. Obama and other world leaders were serious about Iran, they wouldn't merely walk out on Iran's president. They would rally the world to stop him, explaining the grave stakes to the public, and making clear to Iran that there is a deadline to diplomacy and that military force will be used if diplomacy fails. The only serious person at the U.N. on Monday was Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

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Jim R said...

"The only serious person at the U.N. on Monday was Mahmoud Ahmadinejad."

The little Hitler in a sea of Chamberpots. You could just smell the confidence in this sick little shit. And why not.

Barack O'Chamberlain didn't even have the leadership to refuse entry into the USA for this crazy little bastard. We're f**ked!