Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ontario Cops Working Furiously to Build Case Against Hossain

Stones can break bones and machetes turn you into confetti. But know this, Jews, police are working tirelessly to silence the hurtful hate speech of U of T and York alum Salman Hossain. Stewart Bell reports on their, uh, progress (my bolds):
TORONTO -- Police are working "flat out" on an investigation into a website that says Jews should be killed in a genocide, the commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police said on Monday.

"It's a high priority item for us," Commissioner Julian Fantino said. "It's regrettable that this kind of hate mongering is evident in our country but, you know, nonetheless we do what we can."

The police commissioner made the comments in an interview after the Internet site, Filthy Jewish Terrorists, continued to post statements supporting the mass killing of Jews.

The latest post says Jews should be "rounded up and executed" following last weekend's failed bombing at New York's Times Square, which it claims was an attempt to "frame innocent Muslims."

The National Post reported in March that the OPP was investigating Salman Hossain of Mississauga, Ont., over the website. Two months later, no charges have been laid, the site is still active and Canada's largest Jewish organization is growing impatient.

"It's got to stop," Bernie Farber, CEO of the Canadian Jewish Congress, said after viewing the latest comments. "Legal action is absolutely required now. We can't wait any longer."

Mr. Hossain has described himself in his online postings as "a regular Muslim supporting the jihad overseas" and a "buddy/acquaintance" of the Toronto 18 terrorists who plotted attacks in Southern Ontario.

The Bangladeshi-Canadian has also used the Internet to chronicle his dealings with police going back to 2007, when he began posting messages supporting terrorist attacks in Canada and the killing of Canadian troops...
The police commish has a good explanation for the apparent laggardliness, though:

(H)e said while he personally feels the website was "crossing the line significantly," the investigation was complex and touched on the delicate issue of free speech.
"It adds complexities and you know if you recall how long the likes of Ernst Zundel went on and on and on with his hate mongering and all of that, it took a long time to basically kick him out of the country.
"So we're mindful of all these challenges. We want to do this right and we want to be absolutely certain that we meet those high thresholds -- the right of free speech versus hate mongering. It's not easy but we're working on it. It isn't something that's on the backburner."
Odd. When Pastor Mark Harding "spoke hate" about Islam back in 1997, he was tried, convicted and sentenced by 1998. I guess that case didn't have quite as many, erm, "complexities."

However, once all the leads have been thoroughly chased down and Hossain is finally silenced, Canadian Jewry's "psychological well-being" can finally be restored (because, as we know, state censorship, especially of the 'Net, is the key to warding off the genocide).

Update: Police are trying to determine whether Hossain has violated one or both "hate speech" sections of Canada's Criminial Code. Let's see if we can help them out. The first section--318--deals with "Advocating Genocide," defined as
supporting or arguing for the killing of members of an "identifiable group" — persons distinguished by their colour, race, religion, ethnic origin or sexual orientation. The intention or motivation would be the destruction of members of the targeted group. Any person who promotes genocide is guilty of an indictable offence, and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years.
Hossain has opined that "a genocide should be perpetrated against the Jewish populations of North America and Europe"--so that's one down, one to go. Next up--Section 319, "Public Incitement of Hatred." That one's a bit trickier, since it's comprised of four main elements, all of which must be breached for charges to be laid. From my reading of this section and Hossain's statements, though, he appears to have violated this provision, too.

I'm sure "complexities" are involved here (immigration issues; Hossain's religious affiliation) but it sounds to me like police are dragging their heels by purposely--and purposefully--complicating matters that are more or less dead simple.


Will said...

Hi .
By "complexities" they probably mean that the police is out numbered?

truepeers said...

Harding, in my opinion, was judicially lynched because he was, in liberal eyes, a creepy old Christian man hanging out outside a high school. Take him down and there will not be a 111 other virile young men ready to take his place. As punishment he was sent to a Muslim Brotherhood mosque to learn some Islam. One might take from that that the judicidal system does not take the view that the more literal-minded forms of Islamist Islam promote hatred of Jews in a way that contravenes the Criminal Code. How you then make sense of some of the Muslim Brotherood propaganda, I do not know....

Anyway, i'm guessing you don't really believe that any hate speech law could ever be applied equally to all...

Blazing Cat Fur said...

Will I think they mean the Islamists outnumber the Jews. Gotta keep your eye on that sacred foundation of Multiculturalism - ethnic voting blocs, don't ya know.

Man with Hat said...

Just a reminder for those who haven't been charged under these two sections of the CC, if may not be the police holding it up as they require the express and written consent of the Attorney General of the province where the charge is laid. Of course some police services such as York Region just lay the charge anyway if you're a middle aged white male.

I say blame McGuinty and vote for Hudak.

skyhook8 said...

Not to mention that unraveling complexities racks up a lot of overtime. Cynical. But I'm just sayin'