Friday, May 7, 2010

Throwing Good Money After a Bad Mausoleum

More companies have ponied up dough for the Manitoba money pit. From the Vancouver Sun:
WINNIPEG — A group of companies has donated $2 million to the Friends of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

The donation by Power Corporation of Canada, Great-West Life, London Life, Canada Life and Investors Group was announced Friday in a news release.

The $150-million goal for private sector donations now stands at $114 million, the Friends said. Added to the $160 million contributed from the three levels of government, total funds raised now amount to $274 million of the required $310 million

Construction is well underway at The Forks and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights is scheduled to open in 2012.
You know, if it were, say, a Museum for Freedom, or a Museum for Democracy, then maybe I could see justifying the gargantuan cost. But a Museum for Human Rights now, when the concept has become so degraded that every despotic backwater has a "human rights" outfit, and control freaks, both Muslim and non-Muslim, are using "human rights" to divest us of freedom and outright oppress us? Well, that's just a grotesque joke.


paul said...

- this is sort-of-erroneous BAD reporting by the Vancouver Sun.

Point of fact, technically they are a "group" of compaines but all are owned by Power COrp. (you remember the Desmarais', - Chretien's bizillionaire in-laws.)

Usually, there's a reason things happen.

Here's a link to an interesting bio on them from Bloomberg.

Jim R said...

Orwell was not only a great writer, but a prophet as well. He would be very happy his books are to this day so popular, but very sad so few people understood what they were reading.

Big Brother is not only alive and well, but today even gets voluntary private funding for monuments to himself.

What do you want to bet Barbara and Jenny's images and Orwellian statements to Human Rights will be pasted all over this disgusting Mausoleum to Human Rights.

Mark said...

For a whole lotta info on just what a crooked, corrupt vanity project this "Museum of Human Rights" really is, just check out