Monday, May 10, 2010

A TLF Fairy Tale

No Flinstones v. Jetsons in Tom Friedman's latest. For the moment he seems to have exhausted that pairing--and let's all bow our heads and give thanks for that! For today's "deep" thoughts, Tom was "inspired" to single out and do grievous harm to an even older and less a propos fictional character:

DEATH NOTICE: The Tooth Fairy died last night of complications related to obesity. Born Jan. 1, 1946, the Tooth Fairy is survived by 400 million children living largely in North America and Western Europe, known collectively as “The Baby Boomers.” “We’ll certainly miss the Tooth Fairy,” one of them said following her death, which coincided with the 2010 British elections and rioting in Greece. The Tooth Fairy had only one surviving sibling who will now look after her offspring alone: Mr. Bond Market of Wall Street and the City of London.
That's Tooth L. Fairy to you, buster. And, hey, at least there's a pay off when that TLF drops by for a visit. Which is more than I can say for your lame and belaboured analogies. (Personally, I think the problem is that the U.S. is spending like it's Richie Rich when it should be more like Scrooge McDuck. Or maybe it's Marmaduke's fault, for, you know, being so big and out of control. Then, too, having a spendaholic like Barack Obama at the helm is definitely an Andy Capp.)

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