Friday, May 7, 2010

Yipee! It's a Fait Accompli

Arab News crows about applauds the Islamization of infusion of new blood into Europe:
No matter what Europeans think of Muslims and other recent arrivals, the continent badly needs new blood and ideas
Step out of Brussels South and you step back in time — into a different world that looks exotic in this part of the world but not out of place. This is the main train station that connects Belgium’s capital with Paris, London — thanks to Eurorail — and the rest of Europe.
During a visit to the European Union headquarters a couple of years back, one was pleasantly surprised to see all those restaurants offering “halal” food and elderly Arab and Turkish gentlemen enjoying their cuppa of heady Turkish coffee and even an occasional shisha by the roadside cafe.

This is the heart of Europe, the seat of European Parliament and perhaps the capital of coming United States of Europe. With Arabs and Muslims living and working in this quintessentially European city, Brussels increasingly looks like Beirut, Istanbul or any other great city of the Middle East.

With its rich multicultural society and growing Arab and Muslim population — most of them arrived in the 1950’s and 60’s to work in its mines — Brussels is perhaps one of the finest examples of European multiculturalism and tolerance for diversity.

And it is not just Brussels. Scenes like these are increasingly familiar all across Europe — from London to Paris and from Berlin to Copenhagen to Amsterdam. Lately, things are changing though and changing fast. Belgian lawmakers recently voted to ban the Islamic veil even as their counterparts in neighboring France and Italy are working on their own measures to “tackle Islam.”...
Multiculturalism--the Trojan horse that has facilitated the conquest, now all but complete save for the shouting (about burqas, niqabs, minarets, etc).

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Jim R said...

"the continent badly needs new blood.."

Apparently literally. May I suggest a badly needed dose of common sensed reality instead.....oh, never mind. Three monkeys come to mind.