Thursday, September 2, 2010

Au Revoir, Bacon?

MSNBC reports that a fast food chain in France has bid adieu to bacon--the piggy kind, that is:
LEURY-MEROGIS, France — The bacon is gone from the bacon burgers, replaced by smoked turkey. At a fast food restaurant outside Paris, a new certificate on the wall proclaims that its beef comes from cows slaughtered in line with Islamic law.
On Wednesday, popular French fast food chain Quick, the No. 2 burger chain in France after McDonald's, started serving halal-only food in 22 of its French outlets, targeting France's large Muslim population, an underexploited market that has long been ignored by big business.

If it's a savvy business decision — Quick says sales doubled at restaurants that have tested the concept — the move has also opened a new chapter in the perennial war over how much society should accommodate Muslim traditions.
Or in essence, what it means to be French...
Apparently, it means caving into sharia and allowing turkey "bacon" to supersede piggy bacon (because Islamic law cannot "accommodate" the latter and/or the co-existence of both).

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Keri said...

Wow. That pretty much rips it! And now I shall be certain to include the piggy kind in my menu for today.

Thanks for the interesting read.