Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Dingell Angle

I learned yesterday via the latest richochet podcast (which features the return of Mark Steyn--huzzah!) that there's a congressional district in Massachusetts that has been served by someone named John Dingell (which has a hard "g"--like Rangel--and is pronounced "dingle") since 1932. John Dingell, Sr. died in office in 1955, whereupon he was replaced by his son, John Dingell, Jr., who has held it ever since.

Dingell fils is now a hale and hearty 84 years young, and is seeking yet another term. But if the stars are in allignment come November, Dingell will finally get the old heave-ho, and someone who isn't named Dingell (and who isn't a Democrat) will come to Washington.

Meanwhile, there appears to be a growing consensus that a limit should be placed on the time the Dingells--all the Dingells--are allowed to sit in the House.

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