Monday, September 6, 2010

Dutch Treat

Where is Imam Rauf getting the $100 million needed to build his 13-storey edifice? Your guess is as good as mine. Now, though, thanks to David Solway we now know were at least 1/100th of it is coming from:
The unadulterated nonsense and shameless calumnies such people [Imam and his missus] traffic in should be exposed for what they are: a furtive and determined campaign to introduce Islamic canons and “universals”, including shari’a law, into the very matrix of Western societies, with a view to eventually subverting them. (Islamic proponents know very well what they are doing; their Western apologists are, for the most, merely ignorant and self-deluded in providing a laissez-passer.) European countries, such as France, Holland, Sweden and especially Britain, are already stricken by galloping Islamicism—or, more accurately, are largely incapable of responding to the advancing menace. In fact, they are abetting it, both at home and abroad. One of the more piquant instances of compliance involves the $1 million the Dutch government has apparently earmarked as a donation to the Park51 project.

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